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A Boeing 747-400 Home Project

An option to a new $2M stick home:  A superb multimillion dollar aerospace technology castle.  Nihongo de

Konnichiwa mina-san.  Sumimasen, watashi no Nihongo wa yowai to gikochinai sugiru dakara, ima wa Eigo de desu.  Moshi Nihongo honyaku tetsudau kyoumi ga arimasu, mata wa kaiwa hoshii, imeru shimasu o kudasai.  (Heta na Nihongo de, gomen ne...)

Web Site Construction Notes:
Last update 19 January 2023.

This project is holding pending resolution of two substantial hurdles, the first unrelated to the project but a barrier nonetheless, and the second successful funding.  I hope to substantially restructure this site and add new content shortly after the first hurdle is resolved.

Currently this home page provides links to numerous task category pages, each of which should provide significant details concerning a specific aspect of the project as information develops.  The goal is to provide efficient access to up to date logistics information so everyone involved can coordinate their activities optimally.  Hopefully most pages will also provide conversation areas which will enable logged-in project participants to provide and exchange information real time.

•  An important Boeing 747-400 specifications reference:  747-400 Airport Planning Specifications.  (An index of similar specifications for all commercial Boeing aircraft is here.)

•  The Vision and Rationale.

•  Project Overview.

•  Funding and Contributions.

•  Project Details.

•  Logistics Summary. *

•  Logistics Notes Addendum.

•  Airline Partnership.

•  Aircraft Acquisition. *

•  Site Acquisition and Partnerships. *

•  Site Infrastructure Design and Fabrication. *

•  Ferry Flight. *

•  Touchdown and Taxi. *

•  Ramp Service. *

•  Tow to Site. *

•  Engine Removal. *

•  Initial Utility Connections. *

•  Aircraft Modifications. *

•  Public Opening. *

•  Public Events. *

      * These pages have no significant content yet.

The background step, an exercise in developing concepts and experience: /

"These results [his experiments] underscore the importance of shedding familiar ways of thinking in order to gain insight, Siegler contends, whether through personal intuitive force or by changing the structure of a problem." Robert S. Siegler of Carnegie Mellon University, as reported by Bruce Bower, Science News, 30 October 1999, Vol 156, No. 18, page 282.

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